Indoor Air Quality Management Platform

Use cases

Use case
Project Goals


  • Deploy sensors for real-time air quality data collection and comprehensive analysis.
  • Develop and implement customized solutions for optimal ventilation and energy efficiency.
  • Present occupants with immediate air quality updates via accessible dashboards and widgets.
  • Prioritize health, comfort, and productivity through superior air quality.
  • Refine HVAC systems, driving an optimal balance between ventilation rates and energy consumption.
  • Gain extra green building certification points (LEED, WELL).
  • Demonstrate social and environmental commitment.
Fostering productivity within a healthy workspace
Use case
Project Goals


  • Assess classroom indoor air quality.
  • Foster a healthy air environment to enhance student learning.
  • Adhere to IAQ standards for educational settings.
  • Provide a centralized IAQ control system for school management.
  • Employ continuous IAQ sensors in classrooms.
  • Leverage the Indoor. Airvoice platform for data collection and analysis.
  • Optimize HVAC operation based on occupancy and IAQ insights.
  • Teach students about healthy air habits indoor and outdoor.
A safe and healthy school climate for better learning
Use case
Project Goals


  • Ensure clean and safe air for residents of a multi-unit estate.
  • Earn points for green building certification.
  • Showcase high air quality standards to attract tenants and investors.
  • Implement continuous IAQ sensor network throughout the building.
  • Utilize the Indoor. Airvoice platform for data analysis and pollutant assessment.
  • Integrate indoor air quality management with the BMS (building management system) for demand control ventilation.
  • Install digital signage with up-to-date AQ data in the lobby and place a widget on the Management Company’s web site.
Healthy homes, happy residents
Use case
Project Goals

Public Mall

  • Assess air quality, pinpoint indoor climate and energy issues.
  • Create a detailed digital twin for microclimate enhancement.
  • Showcase high air quality standards to attract visitors, businesses, and investors.
  • Build a model (digital twin) of the air environment in the 3,000,000 ft2 public mall project, to simulate the indoor air environment at the construction phase.
  • Conduct a comprehensive audit informed by the digital twin.
  • Provide detailed recommendations and a comprehensive report.
  • Install co-branded digital signage at busy spots, showing up-to-date AQ information and place a widget on the Mall’s website.
Crafting a digital twin and solving for an optimal indoor atmosphere