Indoor Air Quality Management Platform

Transforming Indoor Air for Optimal Health and Productivity

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Proactively monitor, manage, and share real-time indoor air quality data with tenants, employees and investors. Track building performance and collect valuable ESG metrics.
Platform for continuous indoor air quality monitoring and control
  • Real-time monitoring of indoor air quality.
  • Detailed insights for each room.
  • Detect issues and take timely actions.
  • Seamlessly integrate with BMS (Building Management System) and utilize DCV (Demand Control Ventilation) for energy efficiency.
  • Advanced API for tailored needs.

  • User-friendly mapping and charts.
  • Integrated data from Airvoice and third-party sensors.
  • Analytical reports and real-time notifications.
  • Data sharing tools for engaging all stakeholders.

Comprehensive Air Quality Data

How it works
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  • Integrated, verified sensors measuring key air pollutants and indoor climate.
  • Tracks PM2.5, PM10, CO2, temperature, and humidity.
  • Extra points for LEED, WELL, RESET certifications.
Real-time air quality monitor that blends into your office environment

Airvoice Air Quality Monitor

How it works
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We have developed our unique Indoor Air Quality Index (IAQI) aligned with EPA guidelines. The methodology takes into account recent research on the impact of air quality on health and productivity.

Indoor Air Quality Index (IAQI)

How it works
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Airvoice indexes
The indexes used on Airvoice.Indoor are based on research papers from top universities all over the world.
Integrated indexes
  • IAQI (based on the EPA recommendations)
  • AQ Safety
  • AQ Comfort
RESET® Viral Index
Breathe Safety Index
  • Productivity
  • Health risks
  • Life quality
Author of methodic
Usha Satish. Professor Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Lang Tran, Professor Director of Institute Occupational Medicine

  • Analyze air quality at room-, floor-, building levels.
  • On-demand and periodic subscription reports.
  • Track air pollution sources.
  • Evaluate HVAC system performance and make pro-active adjustments.
AI tools and human experts to understand your air quality

Analytics for Data-driven Decisions

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How it works

  • Interactive maps and graphs to view real-time information on indoor air safety and comfort.
  • Dashboards and touchscreens in public areas.
  • Customized widgets for websites and apps.
Let everyone know about the air they breathe and how it affects their health and work performance

Communicating Your High Air Quality Standards

How it works
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Elevate building wellness and efficiency with outdoor air insights

Ambient Air Integration

How it works
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  • Optimize indoor air quality by adjusting ventilation systems based on real-time outdoor air data.
  • Anticipate air quality challenges with insights from ambient conditions.
  • Align ventilation strategies with outdoor air insights to flatten peak energy demands.
What's behind
  • Trustworthy sensors verified by third parties.
  • Cutting-edge algorithms for accurate data interpretation.
  • Real-time signals to your own Building Management System and building engineers.
  • Approved air treatment and sanitation units.

The Platform Integrates

How we work
Quick evaluation: On-site evaluation to define project goals and objectives.
Implementation: Staged deployment of the agreed solution (s) while continuously controlling for air quality.
Solution Proposal: AI-driven suggestions for optimal air quality and energy efficiency.
Pilot: Deployment of Airvoice.Indoor monitors in chosen spaces.
Full-Scale Rollout: Scaling the solution based on pilot results.
Data Collection: Comprehensive air quality data collection and analysis.
Public Communication: Sharing air quality data through various mediums according to the client’s requirements.

Implementation Stages


Who We Are

17+ years


50+ projects

of expertise in air quality monitoring and management
partnerships with the world’s leading universities: University of Arizona, Aston University, University of Utah
on indoor and ambient air quality around the world

Use Cases




  • Prioritize health, comfort, and productivity through superior air quality.
  • Refine HVAC systems, driving an optimal balance between ventilation rates and energy consumption.
  • Gain extra green building certification points (LEED, WELL).
  • Demonstrate social and environmental commitment.
  • Assess classroom indoor air quality.
  • Foster a healthy air environment to enhance student learning.
  • Adhere to IAQ standards for educational settings.
  • Provide a centralized IAQ control system for school management.
  • Ensure clean and safe air for residents of a multi-unit estate.
  • Earn points for green building certification.
  • Showcase high air quality standards to attract tenants and investors.
Fostering productivity within a healthy workspace
A safe and healthy school climate for better learning
Healthy homes, happy residents